Hi i bins

I love nature and always try to hike somewhere around when there is freetime. Somethimes I am wainting hours to catch the right moment.


If I do not like to go out, I take peictures of people. I am always glad, if I can show them, that they are beautiful.




Photographing in the night is always a highlight for me. I can find my self if I am lying at the ground and observe the stars.

Commisioned Work

I am always happy about sponsoring and / or cooperations. My actual client is 2ndLiar; very beautiful wooden watches.


Since I was a child, I love drawing. So I decided to spend my future  working with my best skills. Creativity and innovation


If I am lucky and it is cold enough, I love to catch snowflakes. I am always amazed about what I can see trough the lens, what for most people eyes is hidden.

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